Dress Code

Acceptable Clothing Options

  • White or Grey long/short sleeve shirts –solid colour golf shirts or button down shirts
  • White or Grey Turtle Necks – plain, solid colour – Optional
  • Navy V-Neck Vests, Pullovers, Cardigans and Hooded Sweaters – Optional
  • Navy Bottoms – Unisex casual, flat front pant or elastic waist pant (primary students)
  • Navy Summer Bottoms – walking-style shorts (unisex), skorts (girls) or capris/cropped pants (girls/boys)
  • Navy Tunic Dress with Grey/White long/short sleeve shirts – Optional
  • Navy Shorts or Track Pants or Yoga Pants (appropriately fitting) and Solid White/Grey or Spartan T-Shirt (Junior-gr.4-6/Intermediate-gr.7-8 Gym Attire) – Junior and Intermediate gym attire should only be worn at designated gym times.
  • Navy Track Pants or Yoga Pants and Solid White/Grey T-Shirt or Spartan T-Shirt with Navy Sweat Pullover, Full Zip, ¼ Zip or Hooded sweater (Primary-JK-gr.3 Gym Attire) – Primary students can wear their gym attire on their gym days or ALL days of the week if they so choose. The Primary gym attire is also Optional (Primary students are not obligated to buy the gym attire, they can also wear their standard dress code during gym time)
  • Although there are no restrictions on colour of shoes, socks and tights, you may wish to consider dark coloured (navy, black, grey) foot wear.

Not Acceptable

  • Crew neck shirts or t-shirts
  • Visible logos
  • Jeans, cargo pants, hipster pants, legging or jeggings
  • Jean shorts, cargo shorts
  • Stripe down leg on shorts, track pants or yoga pants