Pick Up/Drop Off Routine

In an effort to place safety first, we would like to highlight some essential information.

Drop off and pick up of San Lorenzo Ruiz students is permitted by the Bur Oak Avenue entrance only. The Roy Rainey entrance is strictly for buses. At no time during the school day is the bus loop by the Roy Rainey entrance to be used as a drop off or pick up point for children. The drop off and pick up by the Roy Rainey entrance may be accessed early in the morning and late in the evening only by parents whose children attend the day care. Unfortunately, some parents continue to drop off children in the day care parking lot between 8:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. This causes a traffic jam, blocks our buses and is a serious safety concern. Please stop this at once. Parking is off limits in the circular bus loop, (Roy Rainey side) and in the kiss and ride lane (Bur Oak Avenue side) even if you are sitting in your car. The circular bus driveway and the drop off and pick up lane are fire routes and must be left unobstructed at all times. Traffic enforcement officers patrol this area regularly and have already issued many tickets for infractions.

Parents/guardians are reminded to drive slowly and cautiously along the school zone at all times. If parents wish to come into the school, they must park in the Bur Oak Avenue parking lot and come in by the front door. Please set a good example for children and never walk between parked vehicles to get back to your car.

All visitors and parents/guardians are asked to report to the office first when they arrive at the school. No adults are permitted in the school at any time unless they are volunteers or have been identified at the office. In addition, no children, except walkers, may leave the school at lunch time unless the parent/guardian comes to the office to sign them out and in.

Thank you in advance for your continued support and co-operation.