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Our Thoughts and Prayers are With all Those Affected by the Tragedy in Toronto

As a Catholic community, we send prayers to those impacted by the effects of the vehicle attack on innocent pedestrians on Yonge Street:

Loving God, Creator and Sustainer of all Life, we ask you in this moment of great fear and sorrow to be with us and all who suffer or experience pain and death through hatred and war. Through the inspiration of ... Continue reading "Our Thoughts and Prayers are With all Those Affected by the Tragedy in Toronto"

Gymnast Kyra Choy

All of us at San Lorenzo Ruiz CES are excited to share the success and achievements of our student Kyra Choy. Kyra finished 3rd in the 2018 Ontario Provincial Gymnastics Championships Level 9 (2nd highest Provincial Level) Ages 11-13. She will represent our province in Canadian National Championships in Waterloo this May 22 to 27. Good Luck Kyra! We are all cheering for you! ... Continue reading "Gymnast Kyra Choy"

Green Walk for Mental Wellness

On Monday, May 7th, San Lorenzo Ruiz CES will wear green, lace up our shoes and participate in our fourth annual Green Walk for Mental Wellness.  The walk will raise awareness of the importance of good mental health along with the benefits of spending time in nature….technology free!!


JUMP ROPE FOR HEART returns to San Lorenzo Ruiz

We are very excited to be participating in the Jump Rope for Heart fundraising event for our 11th year at San Lorenzo ruiz. Our Kickoff Assembly will take place on April 20th followed by the Jump Rope for Heart Event Day on May 11th. Imagine kids skipping and playing with their classmates as they celebrate raising funds for critical research. ... Continue reading "JUMP ROPE FOR HEART returns to San Lorenzo Ruiz"

San Lorenzo Ruiz Welcomes Sara Westbrook

We welcome Sara Westbrook to San Lorenzo Ruiz on May 15th. We are very excited to be part of the over 350,000 students, educators and parents who have experienced Sara’s UPower Presentations. They are a unique hybrid of speaking & singing to share activities and a Choice Making Formula that  audiences can use to help them think & act beyond their emotions so ... Continue reading "San Lorenzo Ruiz Welcomes Sara Westbrook"