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Remembrance Month

A lone sentry stands guard at the entrance of our foyer. Silent. Reverent. Dignified. He is unnamed and unknown, but his presence is recognized.

November is the month of Remembrance. It is also the month where we honour the virtue of Justice and the Catholic Graduate Expectation of good citizenship. We remember those who served and continue to serve this country in the ... Continue reading "Remembrance Month"

Dance-A-Thon Success!

The Hogwart Express brought the steam and energy to set the stage for a memorable day of music, dance, enthusiasm and fun. The costumes of our students were remarkable. DJ Poon was spinning the tunes, and our Catholic School Council was present; keeping our students hydrated and on the move. Our twenty foot high skeleton kept watch over the proceedings, and our inflatables were more ... Continue reading "Dance-A-Thon Success!"

The House is Open for Business

Our Curriculum Evening/ Open House was a very rewarding, smooth and engaging opportunity for staff and parents to connect. We were thrilled to see the number of community friends and partners who came to familiarize themselves with this year’s curriculum and staff. We are also very grateful for the many food donations submitted as part of our Thanksgiving food drive. It’s going to be a ... Continue reading "The House is Open for Business"

Terry Lives Here!

Our annual Terry Fox School Run has revealed itself once again to be a resounding success! The school community responded to the call for participation in a most amazing manner. Students, staff and members of our extended school community as well as many of our partners shared as we walked, skipped, jumped, hopped and ran for this most worthy cause. We have just received confirmation ... Continue reading "Terry Lives Here!"

Shrove Tuesday

Our Catholic School Council prepared an endless bounty of pancakes for our school community and carried forth the wonderful tradition of Shrove Tuesday/ Mardi Gras/ Fat Tuesday ahead of our Lenten observance. The CSC arrived in full force beginning at 7:00 AM and carried forward their commitment until just before 10:00 AM when the entire school had been served. Needless to say, there were no ... Continue reading "Shrove Tuesday"