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Family Event Flyer

Our  virtual scholastic book fair is in full swing. A great way to celebrate family literacy and a fun night out is offered through participation in the Virtual Book Fairs Family Fun Night. Please have a look at the link to the flyer which has been included.


Virtual Scholastic Book Fair

We are excited to be engaging in the virtual Scholastic Book Fair from February 15 – February 28.  The opportunity to explore books provides families with alternate activities to promote literacy, leisure time hobbies, and enriched learning environments. For students, this is an opportunity to access resources of interest, or to explore different genres of literature.

As always, participation in the virtual book ... Continue reading "Virtual Scholastic Book Fair"

Week of Wonder Christmas Toy Drive

Our Week of Wonder (WOW) Christmas Toy Drive kicked off with great success today. We have had a wonderful response and we look forward to being able to share a mountain of toys for the Holiday Heroes program sponsored through our great partners at the York Regional Police station located at McCowan and  Carlton Road.

Please remember that participation in the WOW Christmas ... Continue reading "Week of Wonder Christmas Toy Drive"

Remembrance: Lest We Forget

Our school celebrated and honoured those who have served, those who serve and those who will serve in the armed services. Our celebration was conducted virtually from our beautifully decorated foyer. Visible signs of our commitment to peace, justice, reconciliation and love were present as we engaged in a celebration which recognized our commitment to being peacemakers and people of justice. As one body we ... Continue reading "Remembrance: Lest We Forget"

Halloween Fun

What a great day for some Halloween fun at the school. Students participated in classroom activities as well as outdoor DPA with music and fun for all. Children dressed up in costume and engaged in physical activity to the sounds of DJ Poon and haunted house props. Very cool. Thanks to our team. As a result of COVID 19 restrictions and our current reality, this ... Continue reading "Halloween Fun"