Open House at San Lorenzo Ruiz CES

Mark the date on your calendar…Wednesday, September 21, 2022 is the date set for our Open House. We are extending an invitation to all of our parents/ guardians to come to the school, meet with their children’s teachers and familiarize themselves with the daily routine of the school and to be active partners in their children’s learning. We have not had the opportunity to engage in a face to face Open House format for a few years, so this is a very special opportunity.

The evening will run from 7:00 pm through to 8:00 pm at the school. Parents/ guardians will have the opportunity to visit their children’s classrooms and to meet the teachers, familiarize themselves with the routines and the work in which their children will engage this year, but most importantly, to establish a foundational rapport with their child’s teacher(s). We look forward to a very successful and enjoyable evening.