In Honour and Remembrance; Lest We Forget.

Our Remembrance Day Celebration honoured and recognized the strength, courage, bravery, resolve, and selflessness of those who have served this country in past and those who serve now. It was a beautiful homage in word, prayer, art, song and love. Staff and students presented artwork, the Luke 4:18 Social Justice Committee presented poppy collages, our Faith Ambassadors adorned our altar and foyer in honour of Remembrance month, students read passages and facilitated our virtual presentation, our talented staff facilitated choir presented an original score entitled, Lest we Forget, and classes presented wreaths in the hall of honour.

Today’s message was one of peace. It was a message of remembering that we all have a considerable responsibility to ensure that we protect the peace and that we are people of reconciliation. Everyone was reminded of the beauty of the words of Jesus when he met and left his followers: “Peace be with you”, he said. May we always be a people of peace.