Postcards for our Veterans

Over the course of the past four years, our students have engaged in a postcard writing campaign of thanks to veterans living at the War Veteran’s Hospital at Sunnybrook. The war veteran’s hospital opened in 1948.  It is the largest veterans care facility in Canada.   They offer care to 300 veterans from the Second  World  War and the Korean War. There are residents that live independently/with assistance and there are those who are provided support and assistance in palliative care.
Students researched a war veteran (Memory Project) and then, based on their research and findings, they were asked to write a postcard of thanks to a veteran that is alive and living in the local territory of the Greater Toronto Area. In past years, the postcards have been delivered by hand. This year, due to pandemic restrictions, the postcards are being mailed. The words and images of the children are powerful and offer genuine gratitude for the service of the members of our armed forces.