SLR Celebrates World Autism Awareness Day

Celebrate the Spectrum. World Autism Awareness Day (April 2) was recognized on April 1 at SLR. The day was fully packed with numerous activities including the creation of a flag where every student and staff member in the school left their mark by dipping their finger in paint and placing their imprint on the flag. Different colours were used and different sizes of prints were left. The symbolic significance of this activity is that it is representative of the variance of the Spectrum and the many gifts, skills and talents of those with Autism.

Apart from the flag, sensory bottles were made using water, oils and different food colouring. The creation of these sensory bottles provided students with the opportunity to explore textures and colours while providing a small memento to take home. Also, throughout the week, our students presented announcements celebrating Autism Awareness and providing opportunities during which to embrace the differences which exist between members of our school community.